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WC: GTS Sootstar App

Soot: burning, fire 
Star: leader
Previous names: Sootkit, Sootpaw, Sootclaw
Gender/Sex: Female
Clan/Rank: Shoreclan, leader 


Sootstar is a bulky and tall gray she-cat with white front paws, a dark gray back paw, and a large light gray splotch on her chest. 

Build: Sootstar is bulky and muscular, and a bit taller than the average cat.

Fur: Sootstar's fur is very short and slightly matted. 

Voice: Sootstar's voice is low and commanding. She sounds almost like a tom when she speaks.

Scent: Sootfur smells like the ocean, salty and clear. 

Height: 11 inches 

Weight: 14 pounds

Length (without tail): 20 inches


Eyesight: 4/10
Hearing: 6/10
Taste: 7/10
Smell: 5/10
Touch: 8/10

Leadership: 8/10
Friendliness: 5/10
Memory: 3/10
Shyness: 4/10

Stealth: 4/10
Endurance: 6/10
Speed: 5/10
Swimming: 8/10
Defense: 8/10
Fighting: 7/10
Hunting: 4/10


Positive traits: courageous, gentle, wise
Sootstar tries to do what is right for her clan. She never backs down from a challenge. She is very bright and is sought after for her excellent advice. She is good with kits and elders and tries to be kind to all cats, unless they cross her.

Negative traits: anxious, belligerent, easily annoyed
Sootstar is a very worried cat. She fears that everything will go wrong. She is quick to fight, and doesn't always listen to the other side. She is easily bothered, and can lash out at cats who provoke her.

Neutral traits: cautious, ambitious, tough
Sootstar always thinks heavily about what to do before she does anything. She is brave, but she still likes to be careful. She has big dreams and wants to be the best. She is hardy and very strong.

Likes: swimming, sand, fish 
Dislikes: thunder, snow, rain 

Romantic Status

Status: open

Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Romantic orientation: Panromantic

Current/past mates: none

Looking for: an intelligent, strong-minded cat who can make her happy 

Wants kits: no

Roleplay information: ask for Skype and discord
Solarverse: Solar Flare
Princess Solar Flare
(Nickname: Sola)
"How funny would it be if I made the sun rise at midnight?"
Parents: Celestia and Sunset Shimmer
Species: alicorn, female
Build: tall and sturdy
Special talent: controlling the sun 
Occupation: heir to the sun
Residence: Canterlot Castle

Personality: Sola is a warm, kind leader who has a strong sense of justice and hopes to be as great a queen as her mothers. Although she's very valorous and just, she's very silly and loves to play jokes on others. She raises the sun at odd hours, hides whoopee cushions everywhere, and will begin to mimic the accents of foreign diplomats when left alone with them for too long. 

Relationships: Celestia and Sola are two peas in a pod. Celestia has been described as "the kookiest goddess in all equestria", while Sola's silliness is legendary. They love pranking ponies, raising the sun together, and pastries. 

Sola can butt heads with her mother sunset, who believes her daughter should stop being so goofy and try to act like "a real princess." However, they care deeply about each other and enjoy spending time with one another. 

Sola sees her cousin Eclipse as another stuffy Canterlot elite, and so he is often the victim of her practical jokes. He is really very annoyed by this, but he puts his feelings aside for the sake of family. The cousins do have fun on occasion, and enjoy long talks and midnight walks under both the sun and moon. 

Sola gets along quite well with her friend Ilipanda. They have a mutual love of pies and pranks. 
PMD: ToT Team Indigo App
Team Name: Indigo 
Join Date: June 17, 2017

Species: Dratini
Age: 20
Gender: ???? (Uses they/them pronouns) 
Description: Kaleidoscope is a slightly darker blue than a normal  Dratini. They are also quite tall. They are kind, soft spoken, and gentle. While they can seem a bit of a coward, they are brave in the face of danger and will do anything for their friends. They are highly curious and have a calm nature. 

Species: Drifloon 
Age: 18
Gender: female 
Description: Dolores is about the size of an average Drifloon. Whereas Kaleidoscope is quiet and shy, Dolly (as she likes to be called) is bold and brash. She can be rude, but she doesn't mean to. She simply is brutally honest. She is somewhat stubborn and has a brave nature. 

Writing Area: Kaleidoscope ran away from their tribe when they were 11, due to wanting to do more with their life than rule over a bunch of greedy dragons. Dolores had been turned into a Drifloon after she had died 8 years earlier, and they met on their respective travels and decided to stick together. Dolly had grown very fond of her shy dragon pal, and Kaleidoscope didn't really know what they would do without her. Now they both are older and don't need each other like they used to, but they both are still incredibly close. 




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Thank you all so much oh my goodness. I truly and deeply appreciate each and every one of you. Much love, Fay :) 


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